Preping for a Relaxer Touch – Up: Tips

A relaxer touch up is the application of relaxer to new growth. The process involves use of chemicals to break the protein structure in order to straighten the curls and make them easier to comb. The chemicals can weaken the hair and if one is not careful, they can cause severe damage to the hair leading to breakage. So, you need to prepare your hair for that process by focusing on strengthening the hair to build its resistance to the chemicals. This weekend will be my per-relaxer treatment and I will be focusing on strengthening my hair. I will post details in the wash day post for this weekend.

That means, I will focus on protein to strengthen my strands. I will also clarify my hair to remove any product build up that may coat my hair and prevent the relaxer from processing well. I have fine strands so this will be an important step for me. I will be doing my own relaxer this time round (crossing fingers) because the last time I went to a salon the results were not so pleasing. The lady is good but I noticed her tendency to want to use the comb and to want to apply relaxer to the already relaxed hair. So I will try this at home on my own.🙂


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