Restoring moisture to Dry Hair

Sometimes, my hair becomes hard and brittle. I usually experience short broken hairs and when I touch my hair it feels hard. At that point, my hair usually doesn’t stretch. This is how I usually restore moisture, Over and above clarifying and deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner;

By Day:
1. Spritz my hair with some water.
2. Apply an Oil based moisturizer.
3. Seal with an oil and style.

By Night:
1. Part my hair in three sections (one at the back and two at the front).
2. Apply Carrot oil to each section.
3. Seal with Oil.
4. Cover with a plastic bag and tie my headscarf for bed (also known as baggying).

I always love how my hair feels after baggying. I try to do this as often as possible. I’m joining Jen of Just Grow already on her 30 days moisture challenge. I hope that this will help my hair grow and reduce the shedding.


Product Haul

I have been on a self imposed ban for buying new hair products. I had accumulated a large collection at that time. For the past 4 months, I had not purchased any hair products as I tried to use up what I had. I’m usually a believer in using up products, even when they do not work for my hair. I try to find a way to make them work by mixing them up with other products that work. Anyway, I was running out of products like shampoo and conditioner.

I went on a product haul. I picked up most of the products from the Creme of Nature line after reading a lot of good reviews on that line. However, there were some staples that still featured.

Here is the list of what I bought;

1. ORS Carrot Oil (Staple)
2. ORS Hair Mayonnaise (Staple)
3. Lory’s Deep Miosturising Hair Cream (staple)
4. TRESemmè New Advanced Technology Luxurious Moisture Shampoo (For dry or damaged hair)
5. Milk Protein & Olive Oil Three Layer Growth Oil
6. Crème of Nature Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-In Crème Conditioner (For Dehydrated Hair)
7. Crème of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment (Strengthens, Imparts Moisture & Prevents hair Breakage)
8. Crème of Nature Chamomile & Comfrey Nourishing Conditioner (For Dehydrated Hair)
9. Crème of Nature Oil Moisturizer (Restores Moisture, Heat protectant & Adds Exotic Shine)
10. Crème of Nature Argan Oil Sulfate-Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo (Hydrates & Detangles)

Of Course these products set me back a lot of money. I don’t mind though because I believe that they will be beneficial to my hair. I also know that it will be a while before I make any other purchases.

What have you purchased lately?


Wash Day: Relaxer Day Preparation

I’m currently 15 weeks post and I’ve just about had it. This stretch has not been easy because I literally had no time to show some TLC to my hair. I have been having tangles like hell and detangling has been an uphill task. During wash days, I have barely done pre poos. All I have had time for is shampoo, a quick DC and then stretching my new growth using the tension method. This is how this wash day went down;

1. I slathered my hair with some coconut oil to help detangle and let it sit for about an hour.

Hair products used

Hair products used

2. I finger detangled as much as I could and then used a wide toothed comb to remove the rest of the tangles.
3. I clarified using the ORS Creamy shampoo. I shampooed twice to remove all the product build up.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

4. Applied Bonawell Repair Formula Hot Oil Treatment as to strengthen my strands. This means that I skipped a protein Treatment and went straight for a DC.
5. I applied my Lory’s professional and left it in overnight.
6. I rinsed it out the next morning, and applied my roux porosity on damp hair. I did not rinse this out.
7. I M&Sed using the LOC method. I applied my chi keratin mist, then some olive oil and the ORS Carrot Oil to seal.
8. I then dried my hair using the tension method on warm setting.

My hair is now ready for a relaxer touch up next week. I cant wait to share the relaxer day with you.


you can link up to others on the Wash Day Experience. This is my first time :)

The Wash Day Experience

I’m Back! Oh I had missed All of you!

My sincerest apologies for being MIA for so long. I was going through a work and School episode where i found myself constantly running from work to school and then back to work after school. I was so stressed by both that I did not have time for anything else whatsoever. But now I’m happy to report that I’m back and I have some exciting posts to share in the coming weeks.

That said, I have not been neglecting my hair. Somehow, in all that stress, I found time on Sundays to wash and DC my hair. I have been DCeing religiously for the last couple of weeks that i have been MIA. However, I have not moisturized and sealed as often. I found myself skipping M&S for almost a week. as a result, my ends have really suffered and I have not retained much length this stretch.



The other side of the bun

The other side of the bun

May be it is all in my head but I will do a post on how my ends look now then post and let you be the judge. :)

Ho have you been?


Wash Day #2

This is the second wash day but I’m not exactly 2 weeks post. I have kept from washing my hair for a while because it was flat ironed. However, this nay be the last flat iron I do in a long time. I enjoy my hair’s waves and the textures. I have also been enjoying applying Gel on my edges and sometimes the whole head. With flat ironed hair, I cannot achieve this. This is how it went down.

I clarified my hair using the ORS creamy aloe shampoo. I clarified because my scalp was very itchy due to not washing my hair for a while.

I then applied my DC and put on a plastic cap. I let it sit for 2 hours before rinsing it off. I used warm water to rinse because that is what it says on the DC.

I towel dried for 15 minutes

I applied my leave ins using the LOC method then dried my hair using the tension method.

That was how simple my wash day was. How was yours? Leave a comment below.



I think my edges are finally bouncing back! During my last stretch, I Opted to keep away from long term protective styling. I wanted to see if my edges will look a little better. I have a weak hairline and I think that the protective styles were damaging my edges. Sometimes it was because the hair had been done too tight and sometimes it was I pulling the edges while trying to style my protective style (e.g Braids)

These are my edges before:

Edges (Dec 2013)

Edges (Dec 2013)

And these are my edges now:

Edges (April 2014)

Edges (April 2014)

I don’t Know about you but I think there is an improvement. What do you think?


I love my texlaxed Hair

Texlaxing means purposefully under processing your hair when you do your relaxer. I personally love texlaxed hair because I have fine hair. When I relax my hair bone straight, it becomes very thin. Now that I have been texlaxing for almost a year, I love the texture of my hair. Its thick and has a lot of body.

I have achieved this through;

1. Reducing the amount of time I have the relaxer on my hair. Last time I did 12 minutes from application to smoothing.

2. I mixed the relaxer with olive oil to reduce its strength.

3. I smoothed my hair using my hands instead of a comb like they usually do in salons here.

4. I use normal strength relaxer.

Do you usually relax or texlax your hair? Or are you natural? Let me know your favourite texture.